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Crafty House is your place for simple, fun and approachable projects sure to bring out the crafty side of even the most reluctant DIYers. We strive to curate and develop inspiring content to help you draw the most from your favorite place: Home. So grab your pencils, scissors, and glue gun. Let’s get crafty!

Our Crafty Mission: To help you enjoy your beautiful home even more.

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About Great Life Publishing

Crafty House is a part of Great Life Publishing, the lifestyle arm of the GreaterGood family of web properties. As a part of the GreaterGood family, Great Life is proud that a portion of all its revenues are donated to our sister Non-Profit organization GreaterGood.org. GreaterGood has proudly generated over $40mm in donations since 2000 and we have our eyes set on $100mm!

At Great Life, our goal is to focus on the stories that remind us that life is in fact great. You won’t find negativity. You won’t divisiveness. You won’t find gloom, doom or fear. We proudly serve up nothing but daily inspiration. After all … Life is Great!

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